11-year-old Georgia girl made coaches fall off their hats when performing “House Of The Rising Sun” The Voice Kids

At just 11 years old, Georgia impresses all audiences. Shortly after she started the song “House Of The Rising Sun”, the entire studio applauded

She brings all five to the buzzers. Smudo from the Fantastischen Vier says after their performance: “That was so cool”. And Wincent also thinks that with her voice she can easily keep up with her older competitors. Ultimately, all coaches fight for Georgia, who she chooses, you can find out in the video.

The British band The Animals released the song in 1964 and it was an instant hit. The song was later re-imagined as a hard rock cover by the band Frijid Pink and became a hit in that version as well. Whether the song is about a real house in New Orleans has never been clarified.

Georgia is a passionate fisherman and singing is also one of her hobbies. Can she snag a The Voice Kids coach with The Animals’ song ‘The House Of The Rising Sun’?

With her powerful voice, little Georgia made the coaches fall when performing “House Of The Rising Sun” The Voice Kids

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