53-year-old Julia Roberts delighted the Network with her pictures without makeup

Popular actress, Hollywood star Julia Roberts has never abused cosmetics. Her makeup is always restrained and minimal; at social events, she focuses on her hairstyle and outfit. But many fans are interested in the question: how does she look outside the screen and television cameras?

Multiple journalists and paparazzi tried to catch the actress while relaxing, walking or shopping.

Pictures have appeared on the Web where Roberts is walking in the park. She is without hair and makeup, but she looks great — natural and fresh, despite her 53 years.

Many fans noted that all women need to take an example from her. Some young actresses cannot boast of such a condition of the skin and body.

In today’s show business, there are stars who are hard to recognize without a ton of makeup. And Julia Roberts, on the contrary, looks much better without makeup!

The actress also boasts an ideal figure, despite the fact that she is the mother of three children. Her secret is simple — a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and exercise.

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