Aghast! Russian tank crushed Ukrainian car, driver miraculously survived

A short video circulating online shows a Russian tank deliberately running over a Ukrainian civilian car, instantly crushing it. Fortunately, the elderly driver in the vehicle miraculously survived and was rescued by witnesses.


When an elderly Ukrainian man was driving in the vicinity of Kiev on February 25, a Russian tank sped in front of his vehicle. It can be seen that the Russian tank still has to run through a number of lanes to reach the car. And then, the tank suddenly hit and ran over the car, then backed up and ran away. The car immediately turned into a pile of scrap metal. Eyewitnesses cried out in horror.


The extent of his injuries is unknown, but the car was completely burned down.

Witness Viktor Berbash described seeing the approaching tank, but instead of avoiding the car, it hit the vehicle directly before backing up. “It’s not coincidental,” he said, “(they do it) for fun!”

Incredibly, the elderly driver was still alive and well when he was pulled from the wreckage. In another video, the elderly man can be seen trapped in a destroyed car with the roof ripped off, windows smashed and tires destroyed in the impact. Some villagers used tools including iron bars and crowbars to rush to help.

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