Filipino Group 4th Power Sings “Bang Bang” on X Factor UK

Another Filipino pride that is making waves on the international reality show stage is the Pinoy girl band, 4th Power, bringing everyone in Wembley Stadium to their feet including the judges.

The girls were extremely excited and scared as soon as they stepped on the stage of X Factor UK. As they said, it was as if they were floating in the air and performing for Simon Cowell was their ultimate dream. During the interview, they promised to give their best 200% in this audition. With the audience on their feet, and the judges going crazy over their performance, the girls performed.

So, before making their decision, the judges described them as their favorite, sickly, mean and powerful girl band. As a result, the girls received, and I quote Simon, the “biggest 4 YES ever given”.

The group consisting of Irene, Mylene, Almira and Celina are known to have participated in international competitions and have won several titles. They started singing as a group since 2001. We got to know them as Cercado/Gollayan sisters in the Philippines and then changed their name to MICA Sisters when they participated in Superstar k6, the famous Korean singing competition Country. Similar to some of today’s famous singers, the group had heard dissuading advice like giving up because they weren’t successful anyway, but that didn’t stop them from pursuing their dreams. Their passion and love for singing is amazing.

4th Power raise the roof with Jessie J hit | Auditions Week 1 | The X Factor UK



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