No longer a curly handsome man: Hector from “Troy” has aged noticeably and looks completely different

Eric Bana, whose fame has reached in his highest level for his role in “Troy”, is about 55 years old now.

The real success awaited the Australian actor of Croatian origin after the role of Hector in the film. The tall, athletic handsome man was invited to interesting projects, the actor found his calling not only in the frame, but also in dubbing. Today he continues his career, but chooses only interesting projects for himself.

Despite the love of the fans, the Eric’s heart remains closed to everyone except his beloved wife. He met journalist Rebecca Glisson back in 1995, and since then they haven’t parted. They have two adult children. The actor leads an active lifestyle: he travels a lot, loves racing and Australian football. Today, 54-year-old Bana continues to maintain good fitness, but the years take their role. It is not easy to recognize the young defender of “Troy” in this gray-haired man.

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